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Overview of Human Resource Management Solution

Using Oracle® HCM Cloud, the world's leading talent management system, NTT COMWARE solves issues related to human resources.
Human Resource Management Solution maximizes capabilities of the individual and contributes to the achievement of business strategies through visualization of human resources, strategic assignments, training, and education.
NTT COMWARE provides total support from system deployment consulting to system operation, based on the know-how we have cultivated over the years.


Highly Flexible
Next-Generation HR Solution

  • The world's leading talent management system
  • Deployed in over 5000 companies world-wide,
    including 49 Fortune 100 companies and 1/3 of Fortune 500 companies


Ability To
Realize Customer's Requirements
As A System

  • Proven track record supporting customers with large-scale and complex requirements, including building the human resource and payroll system of the NTT group with over 150,000 users in 90 companies
  • From system deployment consulting to operational support, NTT COMWARE is an expert with extensive experience in the field of human resources and payrolls who can provide comprehensive support

Strength 1
Implementing Talent Management and Global Human Resource Management

You can see human resources from a multi-dimensional perspective to uncover the hidden talent within your company. You can find and assign the best people from the entire company, including overseas groups.

Implementing Talent Management and Global Human Resources

Strength 2
Real-Time Human Resource Data Analysis

Human Resource Management Solution enables you to collect a large amount of data by pursuing user-friendliness that allows all employees to use the system easily. You can analyze human resource data in real time by using this data.

Real-Time Human Resource Data Analysis

Strength 3
Realization of Your Unique Human Resource Management

NTT COMWARE understands your issues and requirements accurately and organizes your items to be managed and rules. We can realize your unique human resource management by systemization and other processes.

Realization of Human Resource Management Unique to the Customer

Strength 4
Flexible Deployment Options

You can select both Cloud and On-premise as well as a combination of them. Since you can select only the modules you need, you can achieve a system that co-exists with your existing system.

Selection of Optimal Form of Deployment


Increase Your Competitive Edge

  • By realizing your unique requirements for human resource management,
    NTT COMWARE enables you to implement a human resource strategy that differentiates you from your competitors
  • By extensive analysis of human resource data in real time with the system,
    you can develop your business with speed
  • By having a multi-dimensional and global perspective and understanding the skills of human resources and the structure of organizations,
    you can maximize capabilities of the individual and also strengthen your organization through optimal assignments


Use Case

HR Professionals

Voices of Our Customers

We have locations all over Japan as well as in countries around the world, so we can't possibly obtain data on our talent, such as our employees' skills and careers.

Now we can understand where the key talent is and where we should assign them on the basis of accurate data.

  • By using the same system world-wide, you can manage all employee data centrally and can visualize data about your talent across the entire company.
  • Since you can add items to management data easily, you can manage your unique data items required in your human resource work, which is an area where each company's strategy is well-defined.


Voices of Our Customers

We've gathered human resources to start a new business, but it takes a lot of time analyzing where we should assign employees, causing us to miss business opportunities.

Now we can analyze world-wide data in real time and can gather the best human resources required in a new business rapidly.

  • Since you can get real-time data world-wide quickly, you can reduce your work time and analyze data with high accuracy, and assign the best people and develop your business with speed.


Voices of Our Customers

I don't know what skills and qualifications are required for the career I want.

Now I can understand the gap between my skills for the career I want and reality at a glance, and can develop my abilities myself.

  • Employees can visualize and compare the skills defined by HR Professionals for the careers they want and the skills employees actually possess on a radar chart.


Total Support from System Deployment Consulting to Building and Operation

NTT COMWARE provides customers with extensive supports to achieve strategic human resource managements, giving shape to the issues and requirements of customers.

System Deployment Consulting:NTT COMWARE offers a full range of support, from defining the types of human resources and necessary skills that you need, to organizing data items managed by the system, in order for you to achieve your strategic human resources management. Building of System:NTT COMWARE realizes your requirements through configurations, add-ons, and customization as needed.  Maintenance and Operational Support :NTT COMWARE provides consistent support even after system deployment, such as through the help desk and troubleshooting.


NTT COMWARE's Reliability and Technical Strength

As part of the NTT Group, NTT COMWARE has supported the development and reform of Japanese communication technology.
We have inherited experience and know-how and are united to support the development and reform of our customers' business with the latest technology.



  • 2015.04.27
    NewsNTT COMWARE released our "Human Resource Management Solution" product's home page.


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