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WinActor Is Here for You

WinActor is here to change the way you work. Used by over 5,000 companies around the world, WinActor is a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform.

As technology brings the world closer and closer together, the competition between related fields gfrows more and more intense. In order to succeed, business must identify new markets, make connections and develop innovations, but this time is often taken up by clerical tasks such as information lookup and extraction, form-filling and file management.
WinActor was developed to handle those jobs so that businesses can spend their time pursuing the things that matter. Using WinActor, businesses of all sizes can generate scenarios to automate everything from data collection to generating and delivering price quotes. Find out how WinActor can increase your efficiency and bolster your output.

What Is WinActor

Designed in Japan, WinActor is a powerful Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform used by companies around the world. WinActor automates time-consuming repetitive tasks such as data collection and file organization. Simple and easy to operate, WinActor can be used to automate tasks on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows Office and a whole host of other commonly used programs.

WinActor performs tasks following a list of steps called a "scenario." To use WinActor, you first create a scenario by showing the program how to perform the task you need to automate. No programming is required to create a successful scenario on WinActor. WinActor records each step of the process and learns to repeat the indicated process by itself.

WinActor has two editions, making it easier for you to deploy RPA companywide. The Professional Edition can be used to create, edit and run scenarios while the Agent Edition is only for running scenarios. Any number of Agent Editions can be used with a single Professional Edition, allowing you to create and test scenarios before implementing them on multiple machines.

WinActor can be used to speed up or completely automate time-consuming tasks like emailing clients, sending out work orders, data migration, or payroll processing. By automating tasks with WinActor, you can increase productivity, focus on real work, and make time for innovation and development. WinActor does not make errors from tiredness or lack of focus, and it can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why WinActor

Created by NTT, one of the largest telecom companies in the world, WinActor is designed to be used by anyone. All you need is a computer. WinActor does not require a dedicated server or other special equipment. In fact, there is no programing involved. All you need to do is show the program what you need it to do.

With WinActor, you don't have to automate everything at once. WinActor can first be used to automate simple tasks as you learn how to operate the interface and expand the scope of the platform to handle more complicated processes.

Unlike many RPA platforms on the market today, WinActor has fully integrated local support teams in the Philippines (and soon other areas of Southeast Asia) to help our clients get the most out of their WinActor licenses. Our Philippine distributor can help you with companywide onboarding and troubleshooting. WinActor is reliable and easy to use. Because it doesn't need the internet. You can use it even when security is the topmost priority.

WinActor and You

Human capital is the driving force behind all industries, and WinActor allows businesses to automate simple but time-intensive operations in order to harness the unique creativity, experience, and innovations of their employees. As a user, WinActor gives you the freedom to do meaningful work by removing the time-consuming tasks that under-utilize your skills

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and other service industries are often seen as direct competitors with RPA platforms in their shared goal of handling low-skill, high-volume work, but RPA can be a powerful tool in the BPO sector as well. WinActor can be used to automate simple tasks and utilize the human workforce for higher-skill processes, reducing handle time and increasing efficiency.

WinActor can automatically load customer profiles, update CRM, check customer ID, confirm status of website, simplify software installation, run automated testing, arrange interviews and much more.


Competitive Pricing

A WinActor license is cheaper than competing RPA software, and you only need one license to both develop and run any scenario. You don't have to start with a whole company-wide implementation: WinActor lets you start on a single computer and add more licenses and implement wider automation as necessary, ensuring that you will never have unused or unnecessary licenses.


You can use WinActor right after installing it. WinActor requires no extra hardware like servers and specialized devices, nor any other software-install the program and you are ready to go.

Easy to Use

WinActor's custom user interface (UI) is easy to use, even if you don't know how to code. About half of all WinActor users have no programming experience.

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What is WinActor?

What can WinActor do?

What Our Clients Say

WinActor in Action

The CEA and staff of MG EXEO Network, Inc.

MG EXEO Network, Inc. is a Telecommunications Construction company founded in 1991. Prior to implementing WinActor, the company was struggling with processing their payroll by hand. Only a handful of people were responsible for ensuring that hundreds of employees were paid correctly and on time. Staff had been spending up to 144 hours each month processing payroll, but after adopting WinActor, they were able to complete that work with the push of a button. Using the scenarios they created, WinActor extracts the data from each employee's timesheet, automatically calculates overtime and enters the data into the payroll system, ensuring that they get paid on time.

MG EXEO is remarkably happy with the savings they created by implementing WinActor. They are introducing the program into other parts of their business, including processing social insurance premiums, governmental applications and more.

RPA Adaptation Timeline (Tactical)

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Interested in Distributing WinActor?

NTT COMWARE is looking for partners to help distribute and provide local support for WinActor. As part of one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, NTT COMWARE is responsible for distributing WinActor across Southeast Asia and the world.

Interested in distributing WinActor?
Contact us if you are interested in learning more about working with us.


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INFOMAX SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS AND SERVICES,INC. is a wholly-owned Filipino company that has been delivering world-class IT solutions since 1998.Our goal is to maximize our customers' IT investments by providing them with high-value solutions that will improve their business processes and increase their revenue stream. We aim to be the preferred Partner in their business initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the Professional and Agent Editions?

The Professional Edition of WinActor can be used to create, edit, schedule and run scenarios. One Professional Edition license is all you need to get started implementing RPA on your computer.

The Agent Edition is for users who will be scheduling and running scenarios but not creating them. The Agent Edition is designed to be used in tandem with the Professional Edition, and it can only be purchased with at least one Professional Edition license.

One computer can only install one edition, and each edition is valid for one year.

Does WinActor work in a Virtual Machine Environment?

Yes, it works the same in a virtual environment as it does a PC. However, specific user restrictions might affect the user's ability to record or run a scenario. Security restrictions may also affect how the program can be run through a virtual machine, so we recommend using a trial license to test WinActor operation before purchasing the full license.

Can I use WinActor offline?

Yes. WinActor does not need to be connected to the internet and can be used in a closed environment.

How much does a license cost?

Licensing costs will vary depending on your specific needs. Please get in touch through our contact form, and a distributor will get back to you with a quote.

Is it possible to change the language of the software?

Yes. You can select Japanese or English.

WinActor Brochure and Technical Details

These documents contain the nitty-gritty details about WinActor: technical specifications, use-case examples, and in-depth information on how using RPA software can improve your business.

>Technical Details

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