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Seminars are a great way to learn what WinActor can do to improve your business. Our Digital Innovation seminars feature hands-on training with WinActor and presentations on how automation can change the nature of work at your company. Seminars are held both online and in person at various locations within Southeast Asia.
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RPA Webinar 2
presented by Netmarks Philippines

Region: Philippines(Manila)
Date: October 21th, 2020, 2pm-4pm(PST)
Venue: Online

01. RPA's WinActor User Interface
02. Recording(Web browser, Desktop, and Emulation)
03. Image Matching
04.Excel amd Data Table
05. Nodes(Decision Flow, Action, User, Variable)
06. Library

RPA Webinar 1
presented by Netmarks Philippines

Region: Philippines(Manila)
Date: September 16th, 2020, 2pm(PHT)
Venue: Zoom(Online)

01. Introduction of RPA (Winactor)
02. Feature of NTT's RPA WinActor
03. Demonstration on how RPA Works
04. Demonstration on how to create a simple RPA scenario
05. Wrap up

Trial Information

Use WinActor free for 30 days. A trial license is the easiest way to see how RPA can benefit your business. Any scenarios that you create using the trial can be saved and used after migrating to a paid license. Upon purchase of a license, you will also receive personal support in refining and expanding the scenarios you created. While we recommend working with our partners to set up the trial, all you need is a computer to start using WinActor today!

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NTT Comware is looking for companies to help distribute WinActor! If your company is interested, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our staff will guide you through the process of becoming a certified WinActor distributor. NTT Comware works closely with our partners to provide quality support to WinActor customers.
We will help you set up seminars and provide sales know-how and informational material to help grow your RPA business.

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