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New electronic catalog content management company
- "REALIZE CORPORATION" launched out of TOP PAGE, an NTT DATA CORPORATION internal business venture -


On October 19th, NTT DATA CORPORATION (President: Toshiharu Aoki), DAI NIPPON PRINTING CO., LTD. (President: Yoshitoshi Kitajima), NTT COMWARE CORPORATION (President: Yuji Matsuo), i2 TECHNOLOGIES JAPAN, INC. (President: Shigeru Nakane), SAP JAPAN (President: Kiyotaka Fujii), and CSK CORPORATION (President: Masahiro Aozono) will jointly establish a new company, the "REALIZE CORPORATION", to conduct management, operation, collection, and dissemination of electronic catalog contents for B-to-B electronic commerce.
TOP PAGE, an NTT DATA internal business venture, that provides electronic catalog information services, will serve as the nucleus of the new company. With its electronic catalog database serving as the core, the new venture company will provide electronic catalog contents that can be utilized on a variety of B-to-B platforms.
* The order in which the companies are listed is based on the percentage of investment or in alphabetical order where the percentages are the same.

[Background of the New Company Establishment]
As companies are restructuring their operations through the utilization of information technologies (IT), they are increasingly providing product information in electronic forms, instead of in the traditional paper-based media of catalogs or written estimates. The electronic information relates to all business processes from the time that a product is marketed to its utilization by the corporate customer. Product suppliers incur a tremendous amount of work in the management and updating of information on tens of thousands of products in their electronic catalogs.
By the same token, buyers face great complexity in their search for and identification of products, and in making comparisons among suppliers. Major issues for purchasing departments are increased catalog content maintenance requirements and rising management costs, which are attributable to such problems as inconsistencies among formats or the use of differing product codes at various stages of the distribution chain.
To dramatically improve on this situation, easy-to-use electronic catalog contents are in demand by all of those involved in B-to-B electronic transactions.

NTT DATA's TOP PAGE ( is one of Japan's largest providers of electronic catalog information services in the field of IT products, off-the-shelf software, and office MRO. To date, it has amassed electronic contents consisting of 300,000 products from over 1,300 manufacturers. Its services are being used by key members of the NTT Group, major product distribution companies, portal sites, and electronic commerce sites.
One company using TOP PAGE services estimates that approximately 20% to 40% cost savings have been achieved by reducing the amount of operations required for catalog content maintenance and management in their purchasing division.

The new company has been formed jointly by six corporations: NTT DATA, which has a strong track record in the provision of electronic catalog information services, as well as DNP, NTT COMWARE, i2 TECHNOLOGIES JAPAN, SAP JAPAN, and CSK, which possess know-how in the building of corporate purchasing platforms. It is thus in an excellent position to develop a business on a model of providing "content infrastructure for electronic commerce" based on the acquisition, development, management, and dissemination of electronic catalog content.

[Outline of the Business of the New Company]

1. Services Outline
  • Consulting services for the implementation of electronic contents
    • Offering consultation for the conversion of product information into electronic catalogs, and the adoption of electronic product information.
  • Electronic catalog development, management, and dissemination services.
    • Converting of product information into an electronic catalog database and managing the information in its latest version. Providing services for centralizing the dissemination of information in conjunction with DAI NIPPON PRINTING and CSK, both of which have solid track records in the preparation of electronic catalogs.
  • Development of systems for conducting coordination between electronic catalogs and a variety of electronic purchasing platforms as well as main systems, and providing system development support functions.
    • Developing internal corporate purchasing systems, including electronic purchasing platforms and enterprise resource planning, which are supplied by NTT COMWARE, i2 TECHNOLOGIES JAPAN, and SAP JAPAN. Providing system development and development support services facilitating the coordination between those systems and electronic catalogs.
  • Marketing information services
    • Providing suppliers with market information relating to the needs of buyers, such as the amount of access made to electronic catalogs in TOP PAGE.
  • Offering ASP services in support of operations relating to the above.
2. Merits of Utilizing the Service
  • Merits to Suppliers
    • More efficient dissemination of product information
    • Increased sales opportunities
    • Reduction of electronic catalog preparation and management costs
  • Merits to Buyers
    • Reduction of the time required for purchasing
    • Reduction of costs incurred by purchasing departments for maintaining and managing electronic catalogs
    • Reduction of purchasing costs through comparative shopping and understanding of the purchasing history
3. Sales Policy
The new company, apart from engaging in direct marketing of electronic catalog contents, is scheduled to also engage in channel marketing by entering into direct-sales partnership agreements with system integration companies, which develop systems such as purchasing systems that work in coordination with catalog contents.

[Outline of the New Company]
Company name
Establishment October 19, 2001 (Business operation to be started on the same day)
Location 5F TB Toyosu Building, 4-1-23 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Executives President (part-time)
Kazuyuki Arata
Managing Director
Tetsuo Shinozaki
Koshi Onishi
Auditor (part-time)
Yoshihiko Yamano
Main Business Activities Consulting services relating to converting contents into electronic forms

Preparation, management, and dissemination services for electronic catalogs

Development of corporate information systems that coordinate electronic catalogs and main systems, and provision of development support services

Services for providing marketing information

provide for ASP services in support of operations relating to the above
Capital 300 million yen (capital reserves: 300 million yen)
Investment ratio NTT Data --- 63%
Dai Nippon Printing --- 15%
NTT Comware --- 8%
i2 Technologies Japan --- 5%
SAP Japan --- 5%
CSK --- 3%
Number of Employees 10 employees (at the time of establishment)
Sales Target Approximately 3 billion yen (fifth year)

TOP PAGE is a registered trademark of the NTT DATA CORPORATION.

TOP PAGE will be used as the service brand name of the REALIZE CORPORATION in the future.

The information shown in this page is the latest as of the day of the release. It is subject to change without further notice. Thank you for your kind understanding and consideration.

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