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Interactive Broadband Communication Framework 1.0 Beta Version
- An industry-government-academia joint project open source -

On April 15th, the "SOBA Project" (SOBA = Session Oriented Broadband Applications, Office: Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Project leader: Professor Reiji Nakajima of Kyoto University) released the Framework 1.0 beta version(*Note), which enables the creation of shared space (sessions) on the network as an open source.

[Framework 1.0 beta version outline]

The Framework 1.0 beta version contains functions such as dynamic creations, reductions, fracturing and integrations of shared spaces on the internet as well as functions that enables real-time sharing of streaming data or text files from cameras and microphones. Also, it is enhancing its security functions such as user confirmations when logging in as well as confirmations of access to resources.
The Framework beta version comes equipped with an application which enables operations of shared spaces. By using this application, for example, it is possible to share web site operations with others in distant locations via the internet with notebook computers and/or tablet computers from hot spots away from home making it possible to conduct briefings using images and sounds.

[Applications utilizing the Framework beta version]

As the first application to utilize the Framework beta version, Kyoto University will begin the release of the TECOAS Version 0.1, a thesis collaboration support system on April 25th.
Also, a remote education system for Waseda University and an American venture company, a system aimed at medical institutions and a system aimed at security patrol companies, as well as a system aimed at the fashion industry are also being planned.

[How to obtain the Framework beta version]

With the previously provided Framework alpha version, it was necessary to execute a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) when obtaining it, however, this new version is an open source that can be readily obtained by anyone. The Framework beta version can be downloaded from the "INCPOD (Internet Community Pioneers with Open-Development)" web site (http://www.incpod.ort/soba/) and can be utilized based on the internationally used GNU General Public License (GPL).

[Outline of the "INCPOD (Internet Community Pioneers with Open-Development)"]

The "INCPOD (Internet Community Pioneers with Open-Development, Chairman: Professor Yoshihiko Futamura of Waseda University , hereinafter, INCPOD)" supports research and development of net community-related open source software. Its objective is to promote the general popularization of the research and development results. Presently, INCPOD is applying for certification as a specified nonprofit organization. Future versions of the Framework, including the Framework beta version, will be distributed on the INCPOD web site. For research and developments of Frameworks pursued by the SOBA project, the INCPOD will manage the popularization of the results as well as user support. It will also support and open the development process where outside developers and users can participate in modifications and function additions to the Framework.

[Future development deployments]

The Framework beta version to be released requires technical knowledge to setup external cameras and/or network environments. The Framework 2.0, to be released this autumn will be consolidated with tools that can be easily set up and will realize (1) operational improvements according to comments / requests from open source communities, (2) a multi-platform with the Linux added to the operation OS, and (3) mobile compliance to allow utilization with mobile phones. Subsequently, until the completion of the industry-government-academia joint project in March of 2005, a new version is scheduled to be released every 6 months.

[Recruitment of participating companies]

The SOBA project, with the release of the Framework α version, began recruitment of companies to participate in the research and development of the Framework and is presently continuing that recruitment. INCPOD is utilizing the opportunity of the release of the present Framework beta version to recruit companies to participate in the development of applications utilizing the Framework and is aiming for its widespread popularity.

[History of the SOBA project]

The SOBA project, an organization established in September 2001 consisting of a university research group centered around Professor Reiji Nakajima of the Kyoto University Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, the OMRON Corporation (Head Office: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, President Nobuo Tateishi), and the NTT COMWARE CORPORATION (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuji Matsuo); released the Framework alpha version in July 2002 which was adopted for the entrusted business of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's adjustment costs for promoting science and technology in September 2002, and as the end of March 2003, it ended its first year of its 3 year industry-government-academia joint project.

* The name and logo of the Framework is scheduled to be widely solicited from the general public through the INCPOD web site.


[SOBA project]

[Specified nonprofit organization "INCPOD (Internet Community Pioneers with Open-Development)" (application pending)]

The information shown in this page is the latest as of the day of the release. It is subject to change without further notice. Thank you for your kind understanding and consideration.

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