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Enhancement of IP phone line-up
- Softswitch SS70V -

NTT COMWARE CORPORATION (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuji Matsuo) has recently authorized the Sanyo Multimedia Tottori Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tottori-shi, President: Yoshio Wada) SIP (*1) corresponding IP telephone "SIP-1800" as an interconnected IP telephone of the NTT COMWARE Softswitch "SS70V". With the integrated solution of the "SS70V" and the "SIP-1800" it will be possible to respond to a wider market segment and thereby promote the further expansion of the VoIP market.

[Characteristics of the integrated solution]

With the integrated solution of the Softswitch "SS70V" and the IP telephone "SIP-1800" it is possible to use not only the PBX equivalent functions of the "SS70V" such as multi-line response, hold, transfer, pick-up, but also the advanced functions such as telephone meetings, voice mail, and unified messages (*2) using the popular IP telephone model, the "SIP-1800". By authorizing this newly-launched popular model, the "SIP-1800", in addition to the already authorized higher level model, the "SIP-2000", it will be possible to respond to the needs of a wider consumer market.

[Product outline of both companies]

The "SS70V" provides all- in- one service for all business needs and is a Softswitch that achieves a high level communications environment in the office. It not only offers services such as extension lines, holding, forwarding, pick-up, simultaneous ringing, caller information display and call waiting, but it also offers various expansion services such as telephone conferences, voice mail and unified messages. It also conforms to the "NAT/FireWall/DHCP" (*3) problem which arises with the installment of the VoIP system and it establishes a high value-added VoIP environment as the IP-PBX solution of the intra-company network. When installed by a telecommunications carrier, it will enable the carrier to offer an assortment of functions of hosting style "IP Centrex" services with the VoIP to company users. As the platform for the "SS70V", the carrier grade Softswitch VOISS of the US VocalData company is used which can accommodate a minimum of 100 lines to a maximum of 100,000 lines with just a single system.
The "SIP-1800" uses the SIP protocol and is the popular model of a high- function IP telephone which in conjunction with the SS70V corresponds the multi-line which allots multiple phone numbers to one telephone. It has a wide LCD display screen to display telephone directories and call registers, 6 outside call line and extension line buttons and 8 one- touch buttons to make operations easier. The main unit not only comes equipped with holding, call waiting, busy-transmission, 3-person call functions, and also when linked to a server makes it possible to use such functions as forwarding and group pick-ups.

[Product strategy of the SS70V]

NTT COMWARE is promoting market development with the positioning of the VoIP based next generation solution "NEXIPT" (coined term from NEXT and IP) as its strategic solution. The SANYO Multimedia Tottori Co., Ltd. has sophisticated technologies and excellent results in the development and sales of the VoIP terminals. The market competitiveness has been achieved while responding the diversifying needs of businesses that are considering the construction of communication environments with the VoIP and also those of telecommunication carriers that are considering the offering of IP Centrex services due to the introduction of the Softswitch "SS70V" solution. The line-up enhancement will be conducted and both low priced and high function models will be aggressively sold. With this, the development of the VoIP market will be accelerated.

*1 SIP (session initiation protocol)
Text based application layer protocol to realize telephone call setting on the IP network.
*2 Unified message
An application of the CTI (Computer Telephony Integration). It conducts integrated links of electric mails, voice mails, and facsimiles on the CTI server.
The SS70V converts messages that are left (recorded) in the case of unattended calls into voice files. It can forward the messages to pre-designated mail addresses so that one can play and confirm the messages at the pre-designated mail address.
*3 NAT/FireWall/DHCP
NAT (Network Address Translation):
An address conversion method stipulated by the RFC1631.
A security system to be set up in the network boundary and which limits access from the outside, according to the setting.
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol):
DHCP is a protocol to dynamically allocate IP addresses. It obtains the IP address when the client conducts start-up.

[Company outline]

NTT COMWARE has many achievements starting with the consistent tendering of establishments / maintenance / operations of telecommunications processing systems such as information networks and IT systems for over 60 million customers, which demands high transaction, high quality, and high efficiency. With a credibility background backed up by high technical capabilities that covers network technologies, security technologies, UNIX / Linux, and Java, NTT COMWARE widely deploys total solutions to the IT market, from consulting to outsourcing services, as an IT service provider.

SANYO Multimedia Tottori Co., Ltd.
The SANYO Multimedia Tottori Co., Ltd. not only has experience in the development of Japanese compliant IP telephones for companies, but also has over 20 years of experience in the development of consumer analog telephone and fax machines, such as the "Tebra cordless (no-hands cordless)" telephone of the SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Based on the long experience of such communication devices, the company is able to offer devices of high functions and quality from its designing to its manufacturing.
SANYO Multimedia Tottori Co., Ltd. Homepage :

VocalData, Inc.
VocalData has its head office in Richardson, Texas in the U.S. and is an independent software vendor with installment in over 10 telecommunication carriers centering in the U.S. such as Intermedia Communications, Kancharla Corporation, and Go-Comm Inc.. From its establishment in 1998, the company has provided front-line VoIP systems and has acquired an excellent reputation for its high level technology and abundance of functions.
VocalData Homepage :

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