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Sales Begin of e-UBF Small Office Kit, the Personal Information Protection Solution for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

NTT COMWARE Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuhji Imai; hereinafter, NTT COMWARE) will begin sales of e-UBF Small Office Kit, the fingerprint verification solution, on February 2. This solution has a false rejection rate of 0% (*1), and at 630,000 yen (600,000 yen before tax) per set is affordable for even small and mid-sized businesses. NTT COMWARE has set a sales target of 500 sets for sales of 300 million yen by the end of fiscal year 2005.

[ Overview ]

e-UBF Small Office Kit utilizes Frequency Analysis a fingerprint verification system which converts the individual pattern found on fingerprints into waveform data which can be checked by frequency analysis. This solution can be linked with other solutions including electronic locks and employee attendance management solutions, and can be utilized as the core element of a comprehensive information protection solution.
The cost of this solution has been reduced through limiting the number of server licenses for the e-UBF Enterprise Fingerprint Verification Solution, until now sold principally to large businesses such as financial institutions, as well as by including the e-UBF ID Manager, which allows Web applications and Windows applications to be certified by fingerprint, in the set. This will help to promote the use of this solution among small and mid-sized businesses.

[ Product Features and Price ]

• Product Features
  (1) e-UBF Unit: Fingerprint verification sensor
      ·  utilizes a sweep sensor which does not collect residual fingerprints
  (2) e-UBF Server: Management server
      ·  manages the numerical data extracted from the frequency analysis of the fingerprint based on personal ID (Note: numerical data cannot be used to reconstruct a fingerprint image)
      ·  provides numerous management functions, including a log management function for Windows and other applications
  (3) e-UBF ID Manager: Tool for linking with websites and applications
      ·  allows internet and Windows application logins to be certified by fingerprint
      ·  provides bulk registration and management functions which can be set from the server
  (4) e-UBF TimeRecorder (Evaluation Edition): Employee attendance management software
      ·  allows employers to keep track of employees arrival and departure times through fingerprint verification which will end the fraudulent practice of employees punching-in and punching-out the time-cards of other employees
• Price: 630,000 yen (600,000 yen before tax)
    e-UBF Unit X 10 units
    e-UBF Server (license limited to 50 units) X 1
    e-UBF ID Manager X 10 licenses
    e-UBF TimeRecorder (Evaluation Edition)
• Operating Environment
      Windows2000 Server SP4 and above/ Windows Server 2003
      Windows2000 Professional/ Windows2000 Server/
Windows2000 Advanced Server/ Windows XP Professional
    For Server/Client, Internet Explorer6 and above

[ Background ]

The Japanese Personal Information Protection Law which applies to all businesses which manage the personal information of 5000 or more persons will come into effect from April 2005. While it has been estimated that over 1 million Japanese businesses will be affected by this law, it has been reported that a large percentage of these businesses are unable to comply with its provisions. In addition, it is anticipated that some local governing bodies may call for businesses which manage the personal information of less than 5000 persons to comply with this law and may publish the names of these businesses.

[ Developer ]

The developer of the fingerprint verification system is DDS Corporation (Head Office: Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya). This firm is also the sole proprietor of the frequency analysis technology (patent pending).

[ Terminology ]

*1 False rejection rate
rate at which a fingerprint is unable to be registered

* Windows is the registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries in which it applies.
* Other company and product names in this press release are the trademark or registered trade mark of their respective company.

The information shown in this page is the latest as of the day of the release. It is subject to change without further notice. Thank you for your kind understanding and consideration.

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