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- Utilization of GATEWAY in Classroom Lessons and other Educational Areas anticipated in Future -



NTT COMWARE begins Sales of GATEWAY, the Solution for Large-scale Digital Pen Usage
- Utilization of GATEWAY in Classroom Lessons and other Educational Areas anticipated in Future -

NTT COMWARE Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuhji Imai; hereinafter, NTT COMWARE) will begin sales of Anoto Digital Pen Gateway, the solution which enables computers to receive data transmitted simultaneously from up to 16 Anoto system (*1) digital pens through a Bluetooth wireless communications device (*2). Until recently, it was not possible for one system to receive simultaneous data from a large number of digital pens. Gateway will allow the digital pen will become an effective tool in educational and other settings where digital pens are used by a large number of people.

[ Outline ]

Anoto Digital Pen Gateway utilizes the paperback-sized ultra-small Linux server [L-Box *3] developed by NTT COMWARE. Gateway has a number of special merits such as low cost, low energy consumption, low sound production, resistance to vibration and a capacity for continuous operation. In addition, since data is transmitted from the digital pen to Gateway by Bluetooth, there is no requirement for a cable connection. This allows the digital pen can be carried around freely inside an area the size of an elementary or junior high school classroom, and also eliminates any worries that may stem from cable wiring.

[ Applications ]

When the digital pen is used to write letters or to draw pictures on paper specially designed for this instrument, the markings left by the pen are converted into digital format. This special feature of the digital pen combined with the freedom provided by Gateway to use up to 16 pens simultaneously can be used to enhance educational activities. For example, teachers can print problems beforehand on Anoto-produced paper for use in their classroom lessons which their students then answer using the digital pen. Teachers can then collect the answers from each of their students in real time, and can project the answers and other information on a screen which will serve to increase the effectiveness of their teaching. In addition, collecting student answer sheets in this manner provides a more effective means for their management and storage. It is anticipated that in addition to the educational field, this technology will also be utilized at customer-help desks and for questionnaires at event tents.

[ Market Development ]

The sales target for fiscal year 2005 is 200,000,000 yen which will be met through sales to educational institutions, and autonomous organizations which provide correspondence courses through television conferencing systems, as well as through package sales with the IP television conferencing system provided by NTT COMWARE.

[ Anoto Digital Pen Gateway Display ]

The Digital Pen Class Support System, the system that improves the effectiveness of classroom lessons and that utilizes the Anoto Digital Pen Gateway, is on display at the Next Generation Network Laboratory in the NTT COMWARE Nakagawa head office. It should be noted that the laboratory is used for giving presentations, demonstrations and seminars to NTT COMWARE customers and is therefore not an open showroom.

[ Terminology ]
*1 Anoto System:
An input user interface technology which utilizes a specialized paper (Anoto paper) and pen (digital pen) developed by the Swedish firm Anoto AB Corporation ( This technology allows users to transmit data such as memos and illustrations with the familiar pen and paper instead of traditional interfaces such as keyboards. Because markings made by the digital pen are converted into digital format, users can save handwritten images and convert text through character recognition.
*2 Bluetooth:
a wireless communications technology developed for use with portable information machines such as PDAs and cellular phones. It is able to transmit within a distance of 10 m.
*3 L-Box:
Product Outline Reference [PDF file]

* L-Box is the registered trademark of NTT COMWARE.

The information shown in this page is the latest as of the day of the release. It is subject to change without further notice. Thank you for your kind understanding and consideration.

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