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NTT COMWARE Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuhji Imai; hereinafter: NTT COMWARE) is an affiliate of the U.S. Eclipse Foundation, a managerial organization for open source software. In April, NTT COMWARE will form the Eclipse Japan Working Group with the support of this organization. The objective of this working group is the spread and promotion of the business-scale use of the Eclipse Platform, an environment for software development. This is the first such working group to be formed within Japan. In addition to the support of IBM Japan, other affiliates of the Eclipse Foundation, Fujitsu and Hitachi, will also participate.

Eclipse is rapidly being implemented as an open source software development tool as open source software such as Linux becomes increasingly utilized. However, within Japan, Eclipse is currently in use by only a small proportion of advanced developers due to the lack of an organization for the sharing of information.

The Eclipse Japan Working Group will provide business-scale usage support for Eclipse through the following activities, and will use this forum to give opinions and suggestions to the Eclipse Foundation.
1) Recommendation of infrastructure requirements for Eclipse usage (machine specifications, OS edition numbers).
2) Evaluation of the functionality, quality, safety and other aspects of plug-ins (*1) and the recommendation of plug-ins suitable for business-scale use.
3) Determination of functions which should be standardized on a business scale (metrics [*2], other), and the recommendation of plug-in development.

In preparation for the formation of this working group, a secretariat has been established within NTT COMWARE, and the following activities have been initiated through partnership with the companies above.
Establishment of working group rules and course of action
Preparation for seminars announcing the formation of the working group

[ Overview of Eclipse ]

Eclipse is a comprehensive open source software development environment. The utilization of Eclipse is spreading worldwide, primarily among Java developers, and it is anticipated that it will become the standard for common platforms for software development tools. The programs which expand Eclipse functions utilize open source software which has contributed to their increasing in number. These programs are in a plug-in format which are available to anyone, and to date, hundreds of programs have been developed.
( Eclipse Foundation: )

[ Explanation of Terminology ]

*1 Plug-in:
Plug-in: A small program which performs tasks such as system function addition.
*2 Metrics (software metrics):
Software metrics are objective mathematical gauges which allow for the visualization of various software properties in order to ensure high-quality software architecture. Specifically, metrics are used to accurately determine and evaluate the quality-related aspects of the people, organizations and mechanisms involved in software development, development process operations and the built software product.
For example, representative metrics for the display of software size include Source Lines of Code (SLOC), a metric which displays the amount of code in a source program, and function points, a metric which displays the size of a computer application.

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