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Procurement Info.

Procurement Procedures

Basic Policy


  1. Conduct its procurement in an open and transparent manner, taking into account its business needs,
  2. Provide non-discriminatory and competitive opportunities to both domestic and foreign suppliers and
  3. Conduct global and market-driven procurement of competitive products that meet its business needs
Products Procured

Computers such as mainframes, personal computers, and workstations and the peripheral devices and office equipment,etc.

Structure of Procurement Procedure

This procedure consists of 4 processes; three basic processes including the Request for Proposal (RFP), Supplier's Proposal Process, and Follow-on Purchase Process, and a Purchase Procedure based on Selection by Customers.

Request for Proposal Process

We procure the product by requesting proposals from suppliers.

Supplier's Proposal Process

We procure the product based on proposals by suppliers.

Follow-on Purchase Process

We purchase the product from suppliers qualified through the Request for Proposal Process or the Supplier's Proposal Process.

Purchase Procedure based on Selection by Customers

We procure the product from the suppliers specified by customers.

Providing Procurement Information
Providing Procurement Information

We will provide the following procurement information through Internet homepage.
- Procurement procedure
- Contact points regarding the supplier proposal and procurement
- Information on Request for Procurement

Announcement of Changes of Procurement Procedure

- When changing the procurement procedure, we will announce the contents in advance.
- Options regarding changes will be accepted through contact points.

Review of Procurement Procedure

We will review the procedure as required, considering the adaptability for diversifying business requirements, user requirements, and shift of conditions, and procurement efficiency.

Description of Technical Specification

- In description of the technical specification, more emphasis is placed on the performance than the design or shape if appropriate.
- When international standards are available, the technical specification is set out according to the standard. In other cases, the technical specification is set out according to the domestic enforced standard or approved domestic discretionary standard and thorough consideration will be given regarding application of a de facto international standard.

Contact Points for Procurement

Procurement Planning, Procurement Department

Address: Shinagawa Tokyu Bldg.,
1-6-31 Konan Minato-ku, Tokyo,
108-0075 Japan