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A First for East Japan!*1: NTT Comware Launched New ICT Service for Tourists using Free Wi-Fi and AR Technologies
- Otakitown_Yorokeikoku_Free_Wi-Fi -

On March 16, 2015 (Mon), Otakitown, Chiba, Japan started a new ICT service to increase the number of tourists from other parts of Japan and abroad as well as to give them easy access to the Internet. This service includes: the public wireless LAN access points "Hikari Station" of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (hereinafter NTT East), "Otakitown_Yorokeikoku_Free_Wi-Fi" for tourists using "Wi-Fi-based Vending Machines", which are pre-equipped with the free Wi-Fi router of TelWel East Corporation (hereinafter TelWel), and "SmartCloud Image Base AR*2" of NTT Comware Corporation (hereinafter, NTT Comware). The new service is expected to promote the activation of local communities in Otakitown through public and private cooperation.

*1 This is the first advanced ICT service for tourists to use "both the free Wi-Fi service of NTT East and the AR technologies of NTT Comware" in east Japan (17 prefectures in the north of the Kanto- Koshinetsu area).
*2 Smartphones or tablets with "PictuAR", the dedicated application, to use SmartCloud Image Base AR.

  1. Provide a convenient and free Wi-Fi environment for non-Japanese tourists, which is greatly needed
  2. This scheme will provide free Wi-Fi for 39 locations in the castle town of Otakitown and the Yorokeikoku area; the locations include the tourist information center, public facilities, Japanese-style inns and restaurants. Visitors can use the Internet to collect information or to promote the area through SNS.

  3. Access Otakitownfs tourist information
  4. A variety of information, including seasonal events, is available for tourists through the Otakitown Tourism Association website, which is automatically connected when users access the Otakitown_Yorokeikoku_Free_Wi-Fi.

  5. Interlink between SmartCloud Image Base AR and Wi-Fi
  6. When the users capture an image on the tourist information booklet using the camera with the special app using their smartphones or tablets, SmartCloud Image Base AR is activated to show 3-D moving images to provide tourist information, which contributes to enhancing the users' experience.

  7. Public-private partnership to promote local communities
  8. Otakitown, the municipal government office, private companies in the area and telecommunication carriers (the three NTT Group companies) are working together as a partnership.

Features of Otakitown_Yorokeikoku_Free_Wi-Fi
  • The portal website is available in Japanese and English.
  • The free Wi-Fi is available for any Wi-Fi devices, regardless of carriers, with a time limit*3.
  • Unlimited use of free Wi-Fi*4 is available in the event of disasters as a means to collect information and send safety-related information.
  • Some of the Wi-Fi vending machines can be used in the event of disasters to allow users to take drinks for free.

*3 The free Wi-Fi service is available for 60 minutes per connection, up to four times a day (up to 240 minutes/day)
*4 The time limitations of the service are lifted for each section of local communities such as a city, ward, town or village as necessary in accordance with the rules of NTT East.

* "Hikari Station" is the registered trademark of NTT East Corporation.
* SmartCloud and PictuAR are the registered trademarks of NTT Comware Corporation.
* The names of other products are either trademarks or registered trademarks of each corporation.

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