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Basic Procurement Policies
  1. We shall provide procurement opportunities under the principle of fair competition and strive to create a mutual understanding and relationship of mutual trust with suppliers in Japan and/or abroad.
  2. While selecting suppliers, we shall give comprehensive consideration to the quality, price advantage, delivery assuredness, and stable supply they can offer, and procure competitive goods and services meeting business needs according to economic rationality.
  3. We shall comply with the spirit of various laws, regulations and social rules regarding business transactions and conduct procurement activities that give consideration to the global environment and human rights to contribute to society.
Goods for Procurement

Computer-related devices such as mainframes, personal computers, workstations, peripheral equipment and office automation appliances.

Procedures for Procurement

We conduct procurement in accordance with the three basic steps of tracking: announcement of bids, submission of applications from potential suppliers and initiation of business transactions. It may be four steps if we include procurement of goods selected by users.

Announcement of Bids

NTT Comware invites suppliers for bids for procurement.

Submission of Application by Potential Suppliers

Suppliers introduce their products for procurement by NTT Comware.

Placing an Order

NTT Comware places an order for goods of suppliers who are qualified regarding the requirements for bids upon screening, through the procedures from the announcement for bids and submission of proposals from suppliers.

Placing an Order of Goods Selected by Users

NTT Comware places an order for goods of suppliers as designated by users.

Providing Procurement Information
Announcement of Procurement Information

NTT Comware announces the following information pertaining to procurement activities on its website and/or other sources:
- Procurement procedures and information for bids
- Contact points pertaining to submission of application forms from potential suppliers and inquiries on procurement, etc.

Announcement for Change of Procurement Procedures

- Any changes of procurement procedures are announced in advance.
- Inquiries including opinions for changes are accepted by NTT Comware Procurement Department.

Reviewing Procurement Procedures

NTT Comware shall review procurement procedures as required upon consideration of variations of business and user needs, adaptation to changes of business environments and efficiencies in procurement activities.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications, whenever appropriate, are written from the viewpoint of performance of goods, rather than design or shapes.
We shall comply with international standards if available. In addition, we shall comply with technical regulations in Japan or other standards with sufficient consideration for international standards, which are practically available.

Green Procurement Guideline/Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guideline

The following guidelines are based on the NTT Comware Code of Conduct pertaining to Green and CSR Procurements. We cordially ask our suppliers to understand and address the content of the Guidelines as general codes of conduct.

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NTT Comware Corporation, Procurement Department

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