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NTT Communications and NTT Comware Launch a New Solution for Secure
Management of My Numbers and its Form Output System for Corporate Users - My Number Management Solution and Services over VPN
- Easy to start at an affordable monthly fee, starting at 10,000JPY -

NTT Communications Corporation (hereinafter, NTT Com) and NTT Comware Corporation (hereinafter, NTT Comware) jointly started a new service named "My Number (Japanese version of the Social Security and Tax Number System) Management Solution Over VPN" on January 14, 2016. This is to support corporate entities in Japan to manage their employees' My Numbers, newly introduced by the Japanese government, in a secure manner and at a low cost.

1. Background
With the implementation of the My Number system in Japan in January 2016, companies in Japan need to conduct measures to "securely store and manage employees' My Numbers" as well as to "create special forms to integrate My Numbers". Companies are required to manage and store My Numbers in a way much more stringent than the protection of other personal data. Furthermore, a special format must be developed for withholding slips and declaration forms related to various employment insurances. In order to solve these issues, NTT Com provides a one-stop solution for My Number management by connecting their network for corporate users, "Arcstar Universal One," to NTT Comware's "My Number Management Solutions."

2. Major Functions

(1) My Number management system to meet various customer needs
The system can be customized to meet various management needs, including registration, data storage and automatic disposal of My Numbers, which would come up to its retention period under law.

(2) Easy output of My Number forms
My Number forms (CSV/PDF) can be automatically generated by matching My Numbers stored in a cloud database only by uploading existing CSV data from corporate users' personal/payroll systems in operation.

3. Features of the service

(1) Secure network
Customer's offices and My Number Management Solution cloud database are connected by Arcstar Universal One, an NTT Com network for corporate users (VPN). This system enables users to upload and download important data such as My Numbers and its related forms in a secure manner.

(2) Flexible cloud-based operation
The cloud-based service is flexible for applying changes of user information such as an increase/decrease in the number of employees or change in scope of the system application, without modification of their systems.

4. Service fee (before tax)
* Initial fee

* Monthly fee

  • The fee for the first month is free.
  • For the service, the fee for Arcstar Universal One is added to the above monthly fee.
  • Users of Arcstar Universal One can use this service only by topping up the fee in the menu above. See NTT Comfs website for the Arcstar Universal One service fee,
  • The monthly fee is a 10% discount from the fee above for the 3-year long-term discount plan.
  • Optional services including registration of corporate information are available for an additional fee.

  • 5. Date of the service start
    January 14, 2016 (Thu.)

    6. How to order
    This service is provided by NTT Com. Please contact NTT Com Sales personnel or the department below.

    My Number Management Solution Service over VPN

    * Name of companies and services are trademarks or registered trademarks of each corporation.

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