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"DEEP LEARNING Image Recognition Platform" Newly Available on March 1, 2017
-- Promotion of AI technologies in "monitoring/censorship", "maintenance/inspection" and "product inspection" --

NTT Comware Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Shinobu Umino, hereinafter, NTT Comware) launches sales of the Image Recognition Platform using deep-learning technologies on March 1, 2017 (Wed). This platform is to promote the applications of AI technologies in various fields such as "monitoring/censorship", "maintenance/inspection" and "product inspection"


Expertsf "eyes" are essential for completing tasks or projects in various fields of business. For instance, things happening need to be monitored with expertsf "eyes" for various purposes; eliminating inappropriate content from websites, detecting any abnormalities on images from detection cameras, diagnosing deterioration of infrastructure such as buildings or tunnels or finding rarely occurring defects in products on production lines. Amongst, they have common issues in these situations; "lack of manpower/cost increase due to the need for quality information or its volume for each task", or "lack of skilled human resources to inherit expertise in each field due to aging of experts".
Although AI (artificial intelligence) is gaining attention as a solution for such issues, companies have systems that are already in operation, and might be reluctant to apply new technologies like AI due to potential costs and risks in updating the current systems to something new. Under such circumstances, the concept of "API economy (*1)" is also gaining attention to apply easily accessible and value-added new functions in a smooth and quick manner while maintaining the old system. NTT Comware now provides a new platform to modernize (*2) current IT systems with AI-based services.


"DEEP LEARNING Image Recognition Platform" is an easy solution for offices to use AI, as in the example cases below:

(1) for a company that runs a website that allows users to freely upload photos on the Internet: currently checking the websites visually to delete inappropriate photos,

(2) for a company that relies on onefs observation to detect abnormalities on images taken by surveillance cameras and to take action thereafter,

(3) for a company that needs to monitor the degree of deterioration of buildings to identify maintenance needs; currently done with visual inspections of wall surfaces through site visits or with photos of wall surfaces taken by drones or other devices,

(4) for a company that needs to detect and remove any defective products that can rarely be found in the factory production line: currently identifying defects by visual inspections at the last phase of the production line.

NTT Comware proposes to use AI instead of visual inspections with expertsf "eyes" in various fields including "monitoring/censorship", "maintenance/inspection and "product monitoring" as a solution.
NTT Comwarefs upcoming "DEEP LEARNING Image Recognition Platform" is comprised of an engine with learning and judgment functions and a learning model with the basic data. The software version of the platform will be available on March 1, 2017 and the cloud type will follow in the first quarter of fiscal 2017.

The "DEEP LEARNING Image Recognition Platform" is a platform aggregating AI technologies commonly used in NTT Groupfs AI "corevo (*3)"; image matching technology, Deep Learning-based real-time human detection technology and an automatic detection system for road defects.

Sales Start

Software version: March 1, 2017 (Wed)
(Cloud version will be available in the first quarter of fiscal 2017)

Open for Registration: Partner Companies

NTT Comware is open to accept registrations from a wide range of potential partner companies for sales of the "DEEP LEARNING Image Recognition Platform". We aim to promote AI in business as a solution to improve efficiency in business by closely working with business partners with expertise in various fields, or sales forces, and help tackle business-related issues such as labor shortages, cost increases or human development of business successors.


*1: API economy: a way of business development using API.
*2: Modernization: to replace software or hardware currently in operation with the latest version of products or designs.
*3: "corevo" is a trademark of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.

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