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NTT Comware Starts "Bedside IT Services" with TV for Hospitals on June 1, 2017
- "Use TV in hospital rooms as a bedside IT device just by connecting Hikari BOX+" -

NTT Comware Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinobu Umino, NTT Comware) starts a service to use TV in hospital rooms as a bedside IT device*, in cooperation with a bedside IT device service provider (hereinafter, the Partner) on June 1, 2007 (Thursday). This service is friendly to elderly inpatients who can get used to TVs.


Although bedside devices were introduced in hospitals for improving the satisfaction of patients and reducing workloads of hospital staff members, it has been difficult to promote the system due to various reasons such as difficulties for the elderly to handle personal computers or tablets, time-consuming customization, or expensive introductory costs. As a solution, NTT Comware provides the low-cost "bedside IT service" by using NTT WESTfs Hikari BOX + and TV provided in hospital rooms.

Name of the Product: Bedside IT Service

[Features of the Service]

  • Easy to use
  • - The TV and remote controller are easy to use for anyone. Users can intuitively enjoy the content on a large screen.
    - It can be used by just connecting Hikari BOX+ to an existing TV in the hospital room. It also achieves flexibility to limit the usage only for a single sickroom or dialysis room and chemotherapy room.

  • High cost performance
  • - No additional screen (e.g., monitor) is needed since the system just connects to a TV in a hospital room.
    - Various applications are available from Hikari BOX +, such as movies and games.
    - The cloud version of the system is available per bed.
  • Expandability
  • - The system is flexible and can be applied to more functions depending on the format of the applications. It is easy to customize the functions for each hospital.
    - With the rich source of Hikari BOX+ interface, the system can easily be interlinked with hardware such as vital monitoring equipment, various sensors and cameras.

    [Main Feature of the Service]

    • Hospital information
    • - Various information from hospitals is available for patients and their families, including facility information, notices from hospitals or instructions for medical examinations. Movies are available for guidance before medical examinations, which is effective to save time and workloads of hospital staff.

    • Questionnaire
    • - Hospital staff can create questionnaires with a simple operation and can aggregate results of inpatient's questionnaires. Therefore, hospitals can collect the evoicesf of inpatients any time.

    • Applications
    • - Applications with Hikari BOX+ are available, including ones on the Internet, movies and games.

      [Business model]

      The business model of the Service is B2B2X, which is working with partner companies who provide a "bedside IT service" to hospitals and others.
      NTT Comware licenses the bedside IT service software per unit of Hikari BOX+ to partner companies with a monthly fee.


      Standard wholesale price: 600JPY/month/unit (with tax)
      *Prices are subject to the number of units or usage model.

      [Future Scenario]

      Add-ons are also scheduled for the service, including detection of wandering people by using a sensor-based system, automatic data transfer by vital equipment, and videophones in order to contribute to improve efficiencies in nursing care and regional medical care.
      The sales target of the service is 40,000 beds by 2020 in hospitals, nursing care facilities and elderly housing with services.

      - Hikari BOX+ on Internet requires subscription to a broadband line such as "Flets Hikari" and its official provider for a fee, as well as a separate router. Hikari BOX+ also requires a TV with HDMI terminals.
      - Hikari BOX+ on sale for general purpose use is not available for the "bedside IT service". The Hikari BOX+ for business is needed.
      - The price of the Hikari BOX+ main unit is not included in the standard wholesale price.
      - Hospital information for subscribers needs to be provided separately by the hospitals.
      - An on-premise setup for the server is subject to a separate charge.
      - The minimum service period is three (3) years.
      - The price above is subject to consumption tax.

The information shown in this page is the latest as of the day of the release. It is subject to change without further notice. Thank you for your kind understanding and consideration. PageTop