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NTT Comware's New Scheme to Improve Open Innovation
-- Collaboration with 4 start-up companies using AI-based service, Deeptector®

NTT Comware Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Satoshi Kurishima, hereinafter NTT Comware) has started a pilot project jointly with start-up companies to accelerate new AI-based services by combining NTT Comware's "Deeptector®*1", image recognition AI, and "DevaaS 2.0 *2", a systems development environment cloud, and the services of the startups, as a system to strengthen open innovation by collaborating with the partner companies to create new businesses. NTT Comware aims to expand collaborative projects with the partner companies using AI-based business platforms such as "Deeptector®" and "DevaaS 2.0" and provide high-value AI services in a smooth and fast manner to live up to the expectations of corporate customers and users.

* Image Recognition AI "Deeptector®" is an AI technology commonly used for various NTT Comware technologies *3 that make up the NTT Group's AI "corevo®".


NTT Comware is promoting the collaborative creation of services with customers and business partners to solve "social issues/social needs" by using new technologies. With the advantages of the image recognition AI "Deeptector®" currently in service on NTT Comware's cloud platform "SmartCloud®" and the systems development environment cloud "DevaaS 2.0", we can explore the potential of open innovation to create a new AI business by combining them with image services of the partner companies.

2.Overview of the Scheme

In this scheme, NTT Comware works with the four partner companies (see below) to study parts and environment required for development of new services and make solutions "ready-to-go" aiming to provide services to the customers in a prompt manner. In specific, "Deeptector® the image recognition IT is integrated into the partner services for improvement of the service quality, precision of data and expansion of the business coverage. NTT Comware's "DevaaS 2.0" contributes to create a service development environment of the partner companies to quickly responding to the changing market. Accordingly, the collaboration is to optimize services for customers by achieving a mutually complementary service of all the parties involved based on NTT Comware's strength in technologies including the image recognition AI "Deeptector®" and the services of the partner companies.

[Figure 1. Open Innovation Scheme for AI-based Services]

Figure 1. Open Innovation Scheme for AI-based Services

* The following are the partner companies of this joint project.
(Japanese syllabary order)

=Partner companies

Secure Inc.
[Services] Cloud service of video surveillance/recording system to meet various needs in property management such as shops, offices, condominium.

TripodWorks Co., Ltd.
[Services] Monitoring service for analysis of on-site video images, that is available for a wide range of areas using edge servers, from baby monitoring to various technical areas including civil engineering, construction and agriculture.

FutureStandard Co., Ltd.
[Services] With the concept of "quick, cheap, and just right", a video analytical platform service to cover a wide range of user needs, from a systems development environment to data output enabling anyone to use cutting-edge image analysis technologies owned by various companies.

Mealthy KK
[Services] Support and care services for encouraging businesspersons with busy lifestyles to improve their eating habits and encourage activities to prevent diabetes. The service called "Meal x Healthcare" is to provide images of meals with nutrition information, mainly for health management and health guidance.

3.Future Scenario

NTT Comware has been promoting the image recognition AI "Deeptector®" focusing on 3M areas*4 (monitoring/censorship, maintenance/inspection, product inspection) in corporate businesses. With a new business scheme, we aim to further develop "Service Menu" to provide various services using "Deeptector®" and expand the range of collaborative creation activities with start-up companies through open innovation for automation of business processes as well as creation of new values.


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