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Realization of NTT DOCOMO "Network Virtualisation enabled OSS fulfillment" with NTT Comware Product "FlexibleEntry®"

NTT Comware Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Satoshi Kurishima, hereinafter NTT Comware) utilizes "FlexibleEntry®" to construct the NTT DOCOMO, Inc. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuhiro Yoshizawa, hereinafter NTT DOCOMO)'s OSS fulfillment for virtualisation network, which has started commercial operation recently. "FlexibleEntry®" is an orchestrator product that realizes automation of service operation. By utilizing the coordination between workflow and API function, automation of the entire process related to the construction of the virtualisation communication network has been accomplished. The design process of VNF (VNF: Virtualised Network Function) design, data input, setting and Virtualised Infrastructure System (VIM: Virtualised Infrastructure Manager, NFVI: NFV Infrastructure) design is drastically reduced. This system is developed by NTT Comware as a solution suite by combining "FlexibleEntry®" with other products, such as "HPE Service Activator" from Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd.

1. Background

In regard to orchestrator products on the market, demand for full automation of operations (zero-touch operation) is growing. NTT Comware provided "FlexibleEntry®" in March 2017 to solve the problems related to network operation.
NTT DOCOMO realizes to shorten the period of network service provision (OPEX reduction) by introducing network virtualisation system (NFV: Network Functions Virtualisation), while only OPEX reduction in NFVI has been implemented up to now. In order to make the best use of NFV introduction merits, it is necessary to introduce "Network Virtualisation enabled OSS fulfillment" to realize VNF OPEX reduction. NTT Comware makes full advantage of the operation automation knowhow of operation system as well as the design and setting knowhow accumulated from network operating experience, to develop a solution suite which contributes to NTT DOCOMO's system construction.

2. Benefits from FlexibleEntry®

Three main benefits of "FlexibleEntry®" introduction are
1.To realize automation of design work by systemizing information and procedures necessary for design
2.To realize automation of data input and setting work
3.To realize flexibility of adding and changing of work procedures and data setting sheet/data items by workflow and template

Particularly, as a maximum benefit, "FlexibleEntry®" makes it possible to automate the creation of design information and the data importing, which are used to construct the virtualisation network function and the virtualisation infrastructure system.
Operators used to confirm the design policies and procedures with manuals (documents), and it took a lot of operations and time to create data setting sheet with human operation.
After introducing this system, it is possible to shorten the design time and eliminate the human error by work process automation, which covers design policies, procedures, management information and so on.
In addition, with the design information, it is also an improvement on operation efficiency and human error elimination from equipment design to VNF setting process, by automating the processes of data conversion and input from design information to certain VNF.

- Testimonials -

By taking full advantage of the knowhow of NTT Comware, the automated system has been utilized which dramatically simplifies the complex work of design and configuration for virtualised networks. By introducing this system, it will be a great quality improvement such as shortening the construction period, improving work efficiency, and preventing human errors. NTT DOCOMO will continue to take positively challenge of further advancement on networking and work style innovation for 5G · IOT and so on.

NTT DOCOMO is making a great progress in core network virtualisation, and fulfillment OSS is an essential function which is indispensable for smooth virtualisation deployment in the future. By applying products proposed by NTT Comware to our core network, we aim to realize the automation of manual processes, the reduction of VNF construction work in NFV environment and the suppression of human error. Herewith, we expect that it is possible to simplify the complicated network operations as well as maintain/improve the quality and reliability of operation at a high level which is necessary for NTT DOCOMO.

3. Future Scenario

NTT Comware will keep on aggressively promoting the orchestrator products to improve the business efficiency for customers. Especially utilizing the strengths of achievement for communication operators, we will contribute to further improve the efficiency by introducing network planning automation and AI, and dedicate to the communication business expansion by introducing NFV with the plan of function enhancement based on international standards.

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