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Mitsuiwa Applies "Deeptector®", NTT Comware's Image Recognition AI for Drone-based Monitoring System Against Fisheries Poaching
-- Field test in fishing areas starts in April 2018 --

Mitsuiwa Corporation (Head office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, President: Reiji Ramoto, hereinafter Mitsuiwa) will start field tests in fishing grounds of image analysis as part of the monitoring system against fisheries poaching from April 2018 with the image recognition AI "Deeptector®"*1 of NTT Comware Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Satoshi Kurishima, hereinafter NTT Comware).

Poaching prevention is a serious issue for fisheries industries as poachers become smarter and more dangerous. Although fishermen themselves currently try to prevent poaching, through visual inspection in most cases, it is not sufficient and can even result in a significant physical burden or cost for the fishermen. Furthermore, even if they find poachers, there are difficulties preventing such incidents and risks since poachers might run away while fishermen are calling the police, or they may even be attacked by the poachers while undertaking monitoring.

As a solution to this issue, Mitsuiwa has been conducting demonstration tests of drones for monitoring against fisheries poaching in cooperation with several fisheries cooperatives and SEBEC Co., Ltd., as an alliance in their drone business. They continue to collect data while selecting cameras suitable for nighttime surveillance when poaching risks are high, in addition to undertaking research and studies on designing optimum operational routes.

NTT Comware has been promoting Deeptector, image recognition AI, as an AI-based automation/labor saving scheme to various industries and business sectors involving human eye monitoring and judgment. The solution is highly appreciated in various sectors particularly for monitoring and censorship, infrastructure deterioration diagnosis and appearance inspection of products.

Under these circumstances, both companies started the joint demonstration test of the image recognition AI Deeptector to analyze images of fishing grounds taken by drones in January 2018. They found such a system had a large effect on methods for preventing poaching.

Mitsuiwa will start the field tests undertaking "drone image shooting, analysis of data with the images taken by Deeptector and real-time reporting" in cooperation with fisheries cooperatives throughout the country in April 2018 and will launch the services according to the results of the field tests. NTT Comware will continue the deep learning process of the image recognition AI "Deeptector" during the process, and decide upon the optimum solution for image recognition AI most suitable for poaching prevention.

[Figure. Fisheries Poaching Prevention by Drones ~ Deeptector®, Image]
Fisheries Poaching Prevention by Drones ~ Deeptector(R), Image

* Image Recognition AI "Deeptector®" is a new solution of AI technologies commonly used in each technology*2 of NTT Comware which constitutes NTT Group's AI "corevo®".

* Mitsuiwa and NTT Comware's joint seminar in "AI EXPO" will be held at NTT Group Booth Theater from April 4 (Wed) to 6 (Fri), 2018 on "Monitoring and Prevention of Poaching by Drones × Deeptector®"
((1) 4/5 (Thu) 16: 00, (2) 4/6 (Fri) 15: 30)


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