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Niigata University and NTT Comware Concluded Partnership Agreement for Promotion of Industry-Academia Collaboration
-- Collaboration in the area of big data for its mutual development as well as for promotion of social/regional contribution --

Niigata University Research Big Data Activation Research Center (Director-General: Tatsuya Yamazaki, Nishi-ku, Niigata-shi, hereinafter, Niigata University BDA Research Center) and NTT Comware Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Satoshi Kurishima, hereinafter, NTT Comware) concluded "the Agreement for Partnership for Cross-Organizational Collaboration of Industry and Academia" on May 31, 2018 (Thu). This agreement aims for the mutual development of both organizations as well as for contribution to society/the region by using big data.

Left: Norio Sakai, Senior Executive Vice President of NTT Comware,
Right: Prof. Tatsuya Yamazaki, Director-General of Niigata University BDA Research Center

1. Purpose of the agreement

Niigata University BDA Research Center* (hereinafter, BDA Research Center) and NTT Comware (Enterprise Business Division/Business Incubation Division) are collaborating in the field of big data to promote the return of profits from the results of research and human development concerning data analysis and its utilization, creating a base to use big data, and contributing to society and the region through mutual cooperation.

2. Background

With the advancement of ICT and emergence of various new services, types of data are expected to be further diversified and the transaction volume is to increase significantly. Accordingly, the innovation concerning big data is getting more important than ever.
Under such circumstances, BDA Research Center as the problem solver and NTT Comware as the business driver of big data technologies aim to promote collaboration between the two organizations by taking advantage of their own roles to realize innovations based on a wide range of databases accumulated in various areas of study such as medicine, engineering, agriculture and physics by concluding the agreement. This collaboration is expected to be a solution for various issues and promote human resources development in a wide range of areas concerning big data, and to eventually contribute to society and the region.

* Niigata University BDA Research Center was established in April 2017. The center intends to create innovative technologies through the fusion of different fields inside and outside the university with big data-related technologies as the key topic.

3. Research items and activities associated with the Agreement

(1)Scope of the joint activities under this Agreement

1) Academic research using big data

2) Human resources development of both parties involved in big data analysis/utilization

3) Systems architecting of big data platforms

4) Regional revitalization using big data

5) Other essential topics to achieve the purpose of this Agreement


1) Academic research using big data
NTT Comware supports the academic research activities of BDA Research Center from the viewpoint of data utilization (e.g., data analysis, data management) for further cooperation in different fields and emergence of seeds of innovation.

2) Human resources development
- NTT Comware shares know-how gained from business cases with the participants of BDA Research Center
- BDA Research Center provides lectures to NTT Comware staff with knowledge of researchers in various fields

3) Systems architecting of the platform to use big data
Collect knowledge and technologies of both organizations to create a high-speed data analysis platform at BDA Research Center.

4) Support for regional vitalization
Support regional vitalization activities with the municipal governments around Niigata University and other academic groups through various activities or using the results of this collaboration.

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