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Demonstration Test "Community Design for Sports and Local Development Around Stations"
- Real-time data distribution for prediction and mitigation of urban traffic congestion -

NTT COMWARE CORPORATION (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Satoshi Kurishima, hereinafter NTT COMWARE) conducts a demonstration test around Kaihin Makuhari and Soga Stations as a scheme of the Smart City Working Group "Community Design for Sports and Local Development Around Stations" in the Mobility Innovation Consortium hosted by East Japan Railway Company (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuji Fukasawa, hereinafter JR EAST). The test is to seek a solution for "local development" and "traffic management around stations" using the assets of the participant companies of the project.

1. Purpose of the demonstration test
- Data services on local sports teams and stadium information around the stations as an audience experience
- Provide alternative routing information in the surrounding areas by providing local community information for entertainment
- Manage traffic congestion peaks by providing congestion information at and around stations

2. About the demonstration test
As one of the schemes of "Community Design for Sports and Local Development Around Stations", a campaign for better audience experiences of sports and the local community (hereinafter, the Campaign) is being conducted in the areas around Kaihin Makuhari and Soga Stations on the Keiyo Line from mid-August to October.
The demonstration test is being conducted during this campaign using "Human Traffic Management Services Platform (tentative name)" jointly developed by ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Satoshi Kikuchi, CTC), SAS Institute Japan Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Tetsuya Hotta, SAS: SAS) and NTT COMWARE at Makuhari Station from September 19, 2019 (Thu). "Human Traffic Management Platform (tentative name)" aims to control traffic congestion at and around stations using a smartphone app designed to use NTT COMWARE "OMOTENASHI (hospitality) Engine (tentative name) (patent pending) by providing traffic information around Kaihin Makuhari Station for up to 30 minutes in advance on a real time basis, as well as digital signage.
The app provides local information around Kaihin Makuhari and Soga Stations corresponding to customers' information including preferences, attributes, location, time, companions (children, partners, friends, or by user him/herself) and purpose (Chiba Lotte Marines and JEF United Ichihara/Chiba, MachiBura), weather and traffic congestion information.
The digital signage shows various information including traffic information around the areas and team information of Chiba Lotte Marines and JEF United Ichihara/Chiba (KEIYO TEAM6*1) as well as entertainment functions to allow users to take photos with the players and team mascots as virtual images.

Figure 1.  Traffic Prediction Information System (Image)

Figure 1. Traffic Prediction Information System (Image)
[Provided by: Mobility Innovation Consortium: Smart City Working Group Secretariat]

Figure 2. The smartphone app with

Figure 2. The smartphone app with "OMOTENASHI Engine (tentative title)"

* 1) A group of six (6) sports teams around Keiyo Line: Valdral Urayasu (Futsal), Chiba Jets Funabashi (Basketball), OBIC Seagulls (American Football), Chiba Lotte Marines (Baseball), Chiba Zelba (Volleyball) and JEF United Ichihara and Chiba (soccer).

3. About the service of NTT COMWARE
1) Traffic congestion prediction using "Human Traffic Management Services Platform (tentative name)"*2)
[Kaihin Makuhari Station: September 19, 2019 (Thu) to October 31 (Thu)]
The system collects human traffic data before and after an event in the area around the station by infrared sensors to predict congestion that may occur in the near future and provide information on traffic congestion and alternative routing information to users on the smartphone app and the digital signage. This results in mitigation of traffic jams at the stations, contributing to improvement of user comfort and convenience.

* 2) Roles of each company on joint development of "Human Traffic Service Platform (tentative name)"
1 Data collection by IoT sensing CTC
2 Congestion prediction SAS
3 Data storage/service delivery NTT COMWARE

2) Alternative routing information using "OMOTENASHI Engine" for hospitality (tentative name)
[Kaihin Makuhari Station/Soga Station: August 20, 2019 (Thu) to October 31 (Thu)]
It is an engine that proposes the optimum information for users based on personal preferences, attributes, location and situation. The engine is used to provide users with various required information. The information includes prediction information on traffic congestion and alternative ways to change user behavior, thereby promoting migration within the area and contributing to regional revitalization. (This engine is patent pending.)
Furthermore, shops are also provided with a service to issue advertisements to their target customers in the specific attributes.

We strive to improve the service to be practically available based on the knowledge to be gained through this demonstration test for social contribution as well as providing solutions for customers.

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