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NTT Comware's Deep Learning Solution "Deeptector®" [AI-Based Edge Computing Package for Industry]
~Out-of-the-box solution for industry, in cooperation with Hewlett Packard~

NTT Comware Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Satoshi Kurishima, hereinafter, NTT Comware) releases "Deeptector®"*1 [AI-based Edge Computing Package for Industry] on November 1, 2017, in cooperation with Hewlett Packard Japan Limited (Head office: Koto-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hitoshi Yoshida, hereinafter, HP Japan).

"Deeptector®" [AI-Based Edge Computing Package for Industry] is pre-installed "Deeptector®", NTT Comware's image recognition AI, optimized on a HP Japan's hardware for industry.

* "Deeptector®" is a platform for various image recognition AI technologies of NTT Comware*3, that compose the NTT Group's AI technologies "corevo®"*2

NTT Comware has launched "Deep Learning Image Recognition Platform*4 [On-premises type] on March 1, 2017 and has released "Deep Learning Image Recognition Platform" [Cloud type] June 30, 2017, to popularize AI technologies in business users. While we have been focusing on the market segments of "monitoring-censorship", "maintenance-inspection", and "product inspection", there is particularly a great need for on-premises use in the segment of "product inspection". In the workplace of product inspection, the hardware must endure various industrial environments such as factories where vibration or higher temperature are expected. The "Deeptector®" [AI-Based Edge Computing Package for Industry]could be available in severe environments, to automate the inspection of products appearance, which keep the images in a secure location. One of its main features, high-speed image recognition, matches the processing pace of the production line.

This Package can also be used as a component of the edge computing in IoT solutions, which has recently been highlighted in the market, and can be combined and used with "Deeptector®" [Cloud type] in a wider range of solutions.


The followings are the features of "Deeptector®" [AI-Based Edge Computing Package for Industry].

(1)Out-of-the-box AI
This is an easy-to-use package, without installing any software or setting complicated options of libraries. You can create AI immediately once you have images for training for the AI.

(2)A well-balanced performance: superior durability in severe environments
The hardware specifications assume 24/7 operation under high-temperature environments such as factories and logistics centers. It is also designed to be used in factory production lines.

(3)Combination with "Deeptector®" [Cloud type]
"Deeptector®" [Cloud type] can be used in combination: the AI training is processed on the cloud type, which requires high performance. The trained AI could be multicasted to the locations where "Deeptector®" [AI-Based Edge Computing Package for Industry] are provided, and upgrade the inference function of the AI. (The service charge for "Deeptector®" [Cloud type] and network costs are additionally required.)

<Configuration of the AI Package for Edge Computing for Industry>
Configuration of the AI Package for Edge Computing for IndustryView larger image

[Reference: Specification]
Hardware HPE Edgeline EL1000 Converged IoT System
- Edgeline EL1000 enclosure + ProLiant m510 server cartridge x 1
- 8 Core Intel® Xeon® D-1 548 2.0GHz-2.6GHz (Turbo)
- 32GB memory, 2TB SSD (used as Software RAID, effective amount: 1 TB)
- USB3.0 x 4, PCI-e Gen3x8 x 2, 1 GbE RJ-45 x 2, SFF drive bay x 2
- HPE iLO4 and the dedicated RJ-45 x 1
* Option: Gateway OPC server (EL10)
Software NTT Comware "Deeptector®"[On-premises type]
Service the client support service for setup

<Use Case: Example>
Use Case: ExampleView larger image

[Date of Sales Start]

"Deeptector®" [AI-Based Edge Computing Package for Industry] November 1, 2017 (Wed)


Along with the press release, we have received the following endorsements from HP Japan and NVIDIA Corporation.

We welcome the launch of "Deeptector®" [AI-Based Edge Computing Package for Industry]. This package combines HP's EL1000 System, specially designed for the edge computing, and NTT Comware's Image Recognition AI "Deeptector®" to enable us to use the cutting-edge AI technology under severe environments of production lines in a secure manner without connecting external systems. We hope that the new solution will not only accelerate innovation in industries, but also enable many manufacturing companies to use deep learning technologies.

Masakazu Honda
Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd.
Senior Manager
Category Management
Hybrid IT

Congratulations on the sales launch of "Deeptector®" [AI-Based Edge Computing Package for Industry]. We hope to have deep learning, the core technology of modern AI, for the edge computing in factories, which will significantly contribute to the industrial competitiveness of Japan.

Masataka Osaki
Japan Country Manager, Vice President Worldwide Field Operations
NVIDIA Corporation


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