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NTT COMWARE Promotes B2B2X Business Development and DX with "Agile Software Development"
- Open new base and increase workforce to 1,500 for agile software development -

NTT COMWARE CORPORATION (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Satoshi Kurishima, hereinafter NTT COMWARE) aims to expand the team for agile software development to 1,500 engineers by 2021 to promote B2B2X for its partner companies and realize digital transformation for customers. This initiative is part of the strategies to move ahead with collaborative innovations using the approach of agile software development as the core of future business development. Related to this, "COMWARE TO SPACE", a new base for agile development, is launched today.

With the advance of digital transformation, IT became essential for business development, and companies now need to expand their businesses more efficiently and rapidly. Under these circumstances, there is a growing need for an agile approach to software development that enables lean start-up of new businesses and system development with more flexibility to change the process. NTT COMWARE, aiming to create revolutionary and innovative IT services with greater market competitiveness, has been introducing new services to meet market needs, through demonstration tests and short-term development of products based on an agile approach as well as BizDevOps as a total solution for business development from the initial concept phase to coding/deployment based on design thinking methods.

"COMWARE TO SPACE" opens on June 7, 2019 as a place to promote agile software development and support the creation of new business value for customers. This location will be the base of system development where NTT COMWARE can make use of the benefits of "Scrum", an agile software development method. This is a challenge to create a "place" to support a team to demonstrate their maximum performance considering their roles and actions, even from the psychological side. As NTT COMWARE believes that one of the keys to success is team building and communication through past experience in agile software development, "COMWARE TO SPACE" should be a place to further activate their performance aiming to create new business value.

"COMWARE TO AGILE", the new Agile Human Resources Qualification System, will also be released in the latter half of fiscal 2019, targeting the development of skilled personnel capable of coping with the entire process of agile software development and BizDevOps, from business service planning to system design, as well as development and operation.
Meanwhile, new training programs will be introduced or newly developed, incorporating the essentials of design thinking and agile software development to allow personnel to undertake business planning and software development in a short cycle. Particularly, human resource development will be further enhanced from an early stage, by making the training programs compulsory for trainee employees (newly employed or second year), with the target to increase agile-skilled personnel from 300 at the current level to 1,500 by 2021.

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