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NTT COMWARE Launches Smart Data Fusion, an Advanced Facility Management Service with Digital Twins

NTT COMWARE CORPORATION (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Masato Kuroiwa; hereinafter NTT COMWARE) started to provide Smart Data Fusion on July 28, as a second release in the SmartMainTech® series aimed at improving the sustainability and resilience of social infrastructure. With applications in smart energy, smart infrastructure, and smart cities, Smart Data Fusion is data infrastructure that collects information on physical infrastructure facility management/operation and 3D/real-time information, and integrates it into a digital twin space for analysis and use. In so doing, Smart Data Fusion contributes to the optimization of facility management and capital investment (e.g. extension of facility service life and improvement in operation ratios).

Concept of facility management with Smart Data Fusion digital twins
Concept of facility management with Smart Data Fusion digital twins

Typical challenges for the realization of a decarbonized society in the field of smart energy are data integration, analysis, and utilization designed to improve efficiency and profitability and to reduce the operating costs of power generation, such as solar and wind power. Smart Data Fusion is a service that realizes the digital transformation (DX) of facility management operations by integrating system information (IT), operational information (OT), 3D data, open data, and more, into a digital twin space to analyze and use such data.
Cognite Data Fusion™, a leading industrial Cognite DataOps platform that has a track record of applicationmany use cases in overseas social infrastructure companies, has been adopted as a part of this data infrastructure. NTT COMWARE is the first system integrator in Japan to build and provide services using Cognite Data Fusion™. Other features such as predictive facility maintenance can be used when Smart Data Fusion is used in combination with Infratector® Core, a group of technologies developed by NTT COMWARE that support SmartMainTech (e.g., digital twin UI optimal for drone or robotic remote inspection, artificial intelligence (AI) technology such as image recognition AI Deeptector® and data science technology). Moreover, in connection with Things Cloud®, an IoT platform provided by NTT Communications Corporation (hereinafter, NTT Com), sensor device management and data integration can be easily performed and the provision of a one-stop service from data collection through data utilization can also be realized.

Going forward, with the goal of expanding its application in the fields of smart energy, smart infrastructure, and smart cities, NTT COMWARE will continue to enhance Al and machine learning (ML) and expand collaboration with other companies' services. By doing so, we will seek to optimize facility management and operation using predictive maintenance and other features, maximize facility utilization rates, and will further develop its application in environment assessments using simulation and other technology. In addition, by integrating with open data such as PLATEAU*1 that MLIT is advancing, users will be able to perform facility management at a town block or city level, not just at the single site or facility level.
By enhancing AI and data science technologies and through collaborative creation with business partners, NTT COMWARE will seek to help social infrastructure business operators solve the issues they need to tackle and will contribute to the creation of a smart world.
*1: Project PLATEAU is a MLIT's project that promotes the development of 3D city models for cities in Japan.

Norikazu Tokusue, president of Cognite Japan
"Cognite has been contributing to DX in the industrial world by providing a platform that efficiently contextualizes various types of data generated in industry and supports data utilization. We are very pleased to be selected as the digital twin platform for NTT COMWARE's new service, and to be able to expand its application to new fields such as smart energy, smart infrastructure, and smart cities. We will continue to support the promotion of DX in the industrial world and to make a real impact."

Shuichi Sasakura, Executive Vice President and Head of Data Platform Services, Platform Service Division, NTT Communications Corporation
"We are pleased that Smart Data Fusion has adopted Things Cloud® as its data collection functionality. We have rich experience of delivering IoT solutions for various industries, such as industrial equipment, manufacturing, logistics, construction and social infrastructure. Furthermore, our partnership with various IoT device vendors will enable faster and reliable IoT monitoring installation. Together, we will contribute to resilient and sustainable social infrastructure."

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